About Us

For Business or New Service

For Business owners with AT&T, or those looking to acquire new AT&T services, Axis can act as the liaison between your company and AT&T. In doing so, we can:


  • Recommend and implement new solutions customized to your business by providing an analysis of current telecom services and identifying outdated technology and rate plans
  • place all new service/equipment orders as needed (orders@axis-mobile.com)
  • work with the AT&T account team to handle any billing or service issues
  • attend meetings between AT&T and your company
  • be a consistent account manager regardless of staff changes within AT&T

For Account Managers

For AT&T Account Managers, Axis partners with you to alleviate work load allowing more focus on selling.  Specifically, we:


  • have technical expertise in AT&T products, services, and systems
  • provide 24-hour turnaround time on new orders, upgrades, and feature changes
  • streamlined the order process; send new orders to orders@axismobile.com. This system will automatically generate order status from start to finish, allowing greater communication between you and your customers.
  • will review sales modules to uncover NSR opportunities and recommend the best telecom solutions in mobility, wireline, security and mobile applications to offer your customers